What Broadband Speed Can I Get? With DSL, Fibre, 5G

Ethernet cable.

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What Broadband Speed Do You Need? In Mbits

Internet speed test result with a 5G download speed.

Fast broadband is quite expensive to buy in many European countries. As a result, you might be wondering how much broadband speed it’s really worth paying for. In this guide, we’ve outlined how much bandwidth you really need to pay for, given how many people live at home, and how you use the internet. Why … Read more

Fixed Broadband vs 4G/5G Mobile Broadband – Which Is Best?

Mobile broadband router.

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How To Choose An Internet Service Provider: Explained

Person changing broadband provider on their laptop.

If you’re considering switching internet service provider, you might be wondering what’s the best way to decide which provider and package to choose. In this guide, we’ve explained what you need to consider when choosing a new internet provider, and how to find the right broadband plan for you and your family. Let’s get started. … Read more