JMA Wireless and Kyocera partner to accelerate 5G deployment across Japan

Companies to Develop Industry-First O-RAN 5G Millimeter-Wave Backhaul System JMA Wireless (JMA) and Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera) today announced an agreement to jointly develop a 5G millimeter-wave backhaul system. Leveraging Kyocera’s wireless base station technology and JMA’s XRAN—the only 100% software-based open-RAN (O-RAN) solution on the market—this first-of-its-kind system will accelerate 5G network deployment across Japan. Kyocera

Italy government to discuss security of key networks, Huawei in 5G: sources

The Italian government will meet on Thursday to discuss the best ways to strengthen the security of strategic networks, two sources said, as the United States mounts pressure on Rome to exclude China’s Huawei from its 5G infrastructures. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has called senior coalition figures including the economy and industry ministers for a

IGAW 2017, speeches of Fabrizio Rauso (Sogei) and Gian Gherardo Calini (GSA)

IGAW 2017 (International GNSS Advances Workshop) is  dedicated to  the evolution of satellite navigation technology   and the new opportunities provided  by the availability of multiple constellations (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou).  IGAW 2017 is organised and hosted by Sogei, a company  always  at the forefront of research and development activities  in the delivery and use

EU institutions agree on the WiFi4EU initiative

The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached last night a political agreement on the WiFi4EU initiative and its funding which supports installing free public Wi-Fi hotspots in local communities across the EU: in public squares, piazzas, parks, hospitals and other public spaces. As stated by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, the WiFi4EU initiative will

Telefonica Deutschland promotes COO Haas to CEO

  Markus Haas, the current COO of Telefonica Deutschland, will take over as CEO of the group from 01 January 2017. Haas has been appointed as the successor of Thorsten Dirks, who recently announced plans to join Lufthansa as the head of Eurowings. Haas has held a number of leadership roles since joining Telefonica in


Live Commerce: the Next Big Thing in Online Shopping

A New Report on China’s Live Commerce Industry blazes a trail for Europe to revolutionise its online sales channels Live Commerce is the buzzword on everyone’s lips in the retail sector, a phenomenon fusing online shopping with live entertainment. Influencers, known in China as KOLs (key opinion leaders), are digital marketing specialists, who promote products

The first 5G Moto G phone is on the way

The Moto G series of phones arguably made budget phones cool when the first model was launched back in 2013. Ever since then, the range has regularly rolled out affordable yet dependable wares. Now, serial leaker Evan Blass has revealed that Motorola is working on a Moto G 5G smartphone, poised to become the first

Smart City Index 2020: Budapest among the most underdeveloped cities in the region

Although numerous research have been conducted on the topic of the ’smart city’, the Smart City Index is the only report offering a ranking based on specific data, Vg argued. The Institute for Management Development and the Singapore University for Technology and Design have examined 109 cities worldwide to provide a comprehensive image capturing the

Amazon sells off parts of its cloud business in China for $300m

Amazon has sold off hardware from its public cloud business in China to Beijing Sinnett Technology. Amazon signed an agreement in August 2016 to let the Chinese tech firm operate cloud technology and related services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) around the Beijing area in China, based on Sinnet’s own internet infrastructure around the


EU telecoms regulators examine whether app stores restrict internet access

The regulators are starting to examine whether “the gatekeeper role of app stores” like Google and Apple’s might conflict with the EU’s law guaranteeing net neutrality, Johannes Gungl, the head of the BEREC group, said at a meeting in Brussels. Europe’s net neutrality legislation came into effect in 2016 and prevents internet service providers from

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science are amongst a few terms that have become extremely popular amongst professionals in almost all the fields. It will be a matter of surprise if any professional has not ever heard of even one of these terms. With the beginning of FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION — a technological revolution

Stan McCoy, MPA EMEA President

Audiovisual piracy, interview with Stan McCoy, (MPA EMEA)

Interview with Stan McCoy, (President and Managing Director of the region encompassing Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) for the Motion Picture Association), during the presentation of the ‘Ipsos‘ data for ‘Fapav‘ on audiovisual piracy in Italy.

Informatics in School: Europe is moving in the right direction

By Enrico Nardelli – University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ & President of Informatics Europe On April 6, in Brussels, together with colleagues from the European coalition Informatics for All, we presented the Informatics Reference Framework for School to the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission. We are particularly proud to

Coronavirus emergency and privacy: valid the juridical approach to the GDPR

Article by Nicola Fabiano, President of the San Marino Data Protection Authority 1. Introduction As it is well-known, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID–19) has profoundly changed our life, habits, communication and interaction between people, ways of working, etc. In essence, we are experiencing a situation that appears surreal because of the consequent behavioural rules that we are

Meet Matthew Brennan, Managing Director at China Channel

One week prior to the event “Understanding the Success of TikTok: the Most powerful Tool to Engage European Digital Natives”, ChinaEU spoke with Matthew Brennan, long-time digital China watcher and Managing Director at China Channel, to understand his journey into China’s mobile Internet landscape and unveil some of the most curious insights from his latest