About Us

At Broadband 4 Europe, our mission is to help you find the right broadband deal for your family, whether you live in Germany, France, Italy, or any other European country.

We write guides about the best broadband deals on the market, helping you understand the differences between each provider and their packages.

We also write guides explaining different broadband concepts in a way that’s easy to understand, so you can learn more about how broadband works, and making it easier for you to find the right broadband plan for your family.

Our team

Broadband 4 Europe is run by a small team of two from Germany. We have friends throughout neighbouring countries that we rely on for our guides about broadband in other nations.

Roger Schmitt

Roger Schmitt headshot.

Tag! I’m Roger, and I’m the co-founder of Broadband 4 Europe.

I grew up in Switzerland but live in Germany now, and also lived in South Tirol for a while in the past.

I have a background in IT and have performed extensive research into the broadband markets of most major European countries. Learning about fixed-line broadband markets is my nerdy hobby, but I’m also excited by the possibilities that 5G (and eventually 6G) broadband will provide us in the future.

When I’m not researching broadband companies and their networks, you’ll find me playing volleyball or the piano.

Florian Becker

Florian Becker headshot.

Hi there, my name is Florian, and I’m originally from Germany, but now I travel the world as a digital nomad, and I’m currently in Croatia.

I’m a bit less knowledgeable about broadband markets compared to Roger, but I have some first-hand experience with broadband providers and their networks in certain nations, especially Croatia, Spain, and Portugal.

Browsing the website, you’ll see that I’ve written a few articles about broadband news as well, while Roger writes the majority of our buyer’s guides.

I’m also a web developer by trade – I’m responsible for maintaining our website. Let me know through our contact form if you spot a bug that needs squashing!