euandi: Empowering Citizens in the 2014 European Parliament Vote

In 2014, euandi, a Voting Advice Application (VAA), was introduced to assist citizens in making well-informed decisions for the European Parliament (EP) vote.

The innovative platform, available in 24 languages, allowed users to explore and compare their political stances on various policy issues with those of the contesting parties.

euandi aimed to promote political awareness and engagement in the European elections by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly tool for voters.

How euandi Worked

Person using euandi app on their smartphone.

euandi was a smartphone app that presented users with 28 policy statements covering a wide array of contemporary policy issues and political values in European politics.

Additionally, the platform included two policy statements tailored to the user’s national political context. Users were asked to react to these policy statements, and based on their responses, euandi generated a personalized political profile that reflected their preferences and priorities.

By comparing users’ political profiles with those of the contesting parties, euandi provided valuable insights into the parties that closely aligned with individual policy preferences. This made it easier for voters to make well-informed decisions during the 2014 European Parliament vote.

Implications for Political Awareness and Voter Turnout

The introduction of euandi marked a significant step towards fostering political awareness and engagement in the European elections. By providing a platform that facilitated understanding and comparison of party policies, the euandi app empowered voters to make informed choices based on their political preferences.

The VAA aimed to increase voter turnout by reducing the complexity of the decision-making process and promoting active engagement with political issues. By bridging the gap between citizens and political parties, euandi sought to enhance the overall democratic process in the European Union.


euandi was a groundbreaking Voting Advice Application that played a crucial role in empowering citizens to make informed choices during the 2014 European Parliament vote.

By offering a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that allowed users to explore policy issues and compare political preferences with contesting parties, euandi contributed to fostering political awareness and engagement.

As technology continues to evolve and influence the democratic process, innovative platforms like euandi are instrumental in enhancing the relationship between citizens and the political landscape.

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