Working towards a fully connected Britain: insights shaping our broadband future

Analysys Mason is at the forefront of thinking on how to stimulate investment in networks to provide universal connectivity. The UK is making good progress but the journey is not yet over.In this short brochure, produced for the Connected Britain event, we present a range of articles that relate directly to Connected Britain. The first three articles cover the convergence of telecoms and media networks, the links between the demand for TV and video services and supply of network capacity, and the prospects of broadband networks being used for linear TV, which could ultimately result in the DTT network being switched off.The next article discusses how net neutrality and traditional TV carriage models are relevant to these new ways of delivering TV and how traditionally separate policy debates are becoming increasingly interlinked. We also present an article about the future of cable networks, which were originally designed to deliver TV but now need to respond to increasing demand for bandwidth for other uses.

We then switch to mobile and present our latest thinking on how we see 5G being implemented over the next decade, followed by the prospects for ‘inside-out HetNets‘ – heterogeneous networks built by crowdsourcing access to Wi-Fi and small cells. Our final article covers the Internet of Things (IoT) and the machine-to machine (M2M) opportunity, specifically from the perspective of telecoms operators.

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Source: Analysys Mason

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