Will Obama make a difference on cybersecurity?

Will Obama’s cybersecurity executive order make a difference?

We continue to live in a world that is exciting with new, easy-to-use technology that allows all of us to be more effective and efficient in our business and personal lives. Yet the ease of use of this technology also puts all of us at risk.

President Obama and many in government and the private sector realize there is so much more that all of us could and should do to ensure we can be confident that our most sensitive personal data is safe. It is our right and we need to take action against the cyber adversaries that wish to do us harm.

President Obama and leaders in government and industry recently discussed cybersecurity and consumer protection at a summit at Stanford University. As part of the summit, President Obama signed a new executive order (EO) relating to cybersecurity. The President’s actions, combined with recent legislative success in the last session of Congress, demonstrate the criticality of taking action now to combat the malicious activity that is occurring and bring some support to the consumer.

The EO and the legislation previously passed by Congress is a great start. But in order for the actions taken to increase information sharing among the public and private sectors to really be effective, additional legislation is necessary. We need to see liability relief along with codified roles and responsibilities for the public and private sector regarding information sharing. In addition, the President has called for a national breach process and updated criminal laws to support today’s security needs and the future environment. We support that. With this approach, information sharing can, in fact, truly become actionable and allow the good guys to operate inside the bad guy’s decision cycle.

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Source: CSO

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