What’s happening in the world of cybercrime

After spending last week looking at other people’s data via a handful of cybercrime-related surveys and studies, this week we dive right back into the goodness that is SurfWatch Labs’ cyber risk data.

On the risk score front, nothing too crazy happened over the past week. The big three of Consumer GoodsInformation Technology and Financials continue to battle for the most at-risk industry sector, with both IT and Financials seeing their overall SurfWatch risk scores increase by half a percentage point. Government also saw a similar uptick with its overall cyber risk score rising 0.4%.

Looking at the cybercrime discussion for individual targets over the past week, we see that health insurer Premera Blue Cross by far led the pack. Nearly 41% of all the negative CyberFacts collected by SurfWatch Labs last week were associated with the Premera breach, which affected 11 million of its customers. With Washington Sen. Patty Murray, who is part of a bipartisan oversight initiative to examine the health industry’s preparedness for cyberattacks, sending the insurer a letter on Friday along with a March 27 deadline to respond to her list of 15 questions about the attack, it’s likely the negative publicity will drag on for at least a few more weeks – if not longer.

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Source: Hacksurfer

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