What’s the future for Google glass?

At one point, a consumer version of Google Glass was expected to launch in early 2014. That’s what Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said in April 2013, anyway, adding that the model that consumers would purchase would likely see some changes from the Explorer Edition. We’re now in January of 2015 and there haven’t been any changes to the Explorer Edition of Glass, save for one: Google is shutting the program down later this month.

Technically, a version of Google Glass was made available to consumers last year. After a few limited-time sales periods in early 2014, Google began selling Glass through the Play Store in September. But this was still the mostly unchanged Explorer Edition; last year, Google added some new frames and a USB earbud to the device. By and large, however, there was little different between the first and second Explorer Editions; at least not much to dramatically boost consumer appeal.


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Source: Gigaom

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