How visual content drives social media growth

Are you one of the many online marketers out there who are close to giving up because your content just doesn’t convert? “Why doesn’t my written content have a high customer retention rate even though I know that it’s very excellent and engaging?” or “My site is getting high traffic from social media sites, but I’m getting fewer conversions than I’d hoped to get.”; these are but some of the thoughts that are probably running through your head right now.

Well, have you looked at the content that you’ve been sharing on your social media accounts lately? If it’s mostly blocks of texts, with very low-quality images employed, then that could very well be the problem that’s holding you back. Studies show that, no matter how excellent your written content is, they are, more often than not, bound to become unengaging without the right images to back them up. We are more than eager to prove this with the infographic we have designed below.

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Source: DCI

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