Verizon: Title II is not the answer

When all the big broadband providers filed their original comments with the FCC concerning its net neutrality/open internet proposal, Verizon’s comments were a little different than the others. Comcast and AT&T were pretty effusive in supporting FCC boss Tom Wheeler’s proposal to rely on Section 706 rather than Title II. Verizon, however, seemed to push back against any new rules, even under 706. Verizon noted that it wanted to do whatever the hell it wanted, even if it meant “differentiated services” (i.e., paid prioritization, fast lanes, slow lanes, etc.):

…consumer welfare is best protected if the Commission allows broadband Internet access service providers to manage their networks and—if they so choose—offer differentiated services or implement sophisticated pricing strategies as long as those practices do not harm competition. 

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Source: Techdirt

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