US government to accept Apple Pay from September

Speaking at the White House Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection,  Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook revealed that the U.S. government plans to begin accepting Apple Pay for a number of transactions, starting with admission to U.S. national parks.

Cook’s speech was a not-so-thinly veiled critique of competitors such as Google, who make money off of advertising to users and collecting their personal information to allow for more targeted ads. But Cook portrayed Apple as a company that’s focused on selling great products, “not on selling your personal data.”

“We believe everyone has a right to privacy and security, and that is why I stand before you today,” the Apple CEO said.

With that in mind, Cook began to speak about Apple Pay, touting that the iPhone-based e-wallet service was designed with security in mind. The chief executive took Friday’s speech as an opportunity to reveal that the U.S. federal government will begin accepting Apple Pay in some cases this year.

“Beginning in September, Apple Pay will be available for many transactions with the federal government,” Cook said. “Like, for example, when you pay for admission to your favorite national park.”

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Source: AppleInsider

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