Understanding the Success of TikTok: The Most Powerful Tool to Engage European Digital Natives

The last couple of years saw the meteoric rise of a new form of digital entertainment: recommendation-based user-generated short video app TikTok. TikTok has taken Europe’s – and the world‘s – youth by storm. Today, it is the most downloaded non-game app, beating entrenched competitors like Baidu, Tencent, and Facebook. In September 2020, it surpassed 100 million monthly users in Europe and it is still growing. What explains this incredible success, and how can European brands and content creators best leverage this powerful platform to reach young (and not so young) global audiences?

We will discover these questions and much more from Matthew Brennan, author of the new book “Attention Factory: the Story of TikTok & China’s ByteDance”, together with a panel of experts of digital marketing and China’s internet technology.


Matthew Brennan, Managing Director at China Channel and Author of “Attention Factory – the Story of TikTok & China’s ByteDance”

Fabian Bern Ouwehand, Co-Founder of MANYCREATORS and Founder of UPLAB

John Artman, Technology Editor at South China Morning Post

Claudia Vernotti, Director of ChinaEU (moderator)

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