Ukraine’s president signs law on copyright protection

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on effective management of copyright in the sphere of copyright and related rights (passed by parliament under No. 7466), which establishes rules for the operation of collective copyright management organizations, according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada. Some 246 people’s deputies on May 15 supported this document after in late April the United States had canceled duty-free import of a number of goods from Ukraine because of copyright infringement.
The law notes that a collective copyright management organization is a registered public association with the status of a legal entity that does not have the purpose of making profit, founded solely by copyrights holders, whose activities are aimed at collective management of property rights to objects of copyright and (or) related rights.
The document establishes the procedure and requirements for accreditation and registration of such organizations, specifies the content of the register of such unions, and regulates the issues of collection, distribution and payment of remuneration to copyright holders.

Source: Ukraine open for business

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