#thevortex: Three gaps that should be filled in Italian digital education

by Andrea Boscaro founder of The Vortex
As an entrepremeur in the field of digital media education in Italy, I acknowledge the steep growth in the demand of every kind of training offering: courses in universities and business schools, seminars in associations dedicated to SMEs, public events and workshops for professionals, in-house programs, online masters etc.

While such a growth in the offer confirms the curiosity that companies and individuals have revealed for Internet marketing and the trend in an insourcing of skills and tasks related to such matters, I still see three types of fragmenations in such markets that, in case they would be filled, would make the country competitiveness grow significantly.

The first gap is between the education system and the employment agencies: the recent “jobs act” labour reform is in the middle of facing the unefficient local employment agencies and a strong connection between the training organizations and the demand of such skills from SMEs should be particularly dealt with: courses on digital media should become a concrete meeting point between labour supply and demand since this is one of the areas where skills are most searched and, in parallel, most difficult to recruit.

The second gap is given by then inter-generational divide that technology has created or accelerated: in-house programs should be promoted so as to secure that over 50 and under 40 employees can benefit from related soft and hard skills in a labour market where people will stay at work longer in life and need appropriate management from a HR point of view.

The third gap requires continuous and effective opportunities for digital start-ups and traditional companies to meet, discuss co-operation opportunities, favour technology and business transfer programs.
If our country seriously takes on such a challenge, all of us can benefit from a more innovative marketplace.

Source: The Vortex


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