#thevortex: Why and how a product detail page is crucial for an e-commerce ?

by Andrea Boscaro, founder of The Vortex

An e-commerce site, as we know, it’s like a physical store: it requires no smaller attention, no fewer care, no less investments. Indeed, it requires preparation and information that might produce the same confidence that a store would produce thanks to the shopping assistent and the tactility of the product. Probably even more, actually.

One big difference between the two shopping experiences, however, is given by the product detail page, the main page of any e-commerce sites. While a physical shop has only one door (or two at the most), an online store has as many doors as the number of products it sells and the needs it wants to satisfy thanks to the opportunity to index in Google the related web pages: if you take a look at Decathlon site, you can see how it does not merely provide, in the title, the name of the item, but also the way it would be searched on Googled.

In the end, the product detail page should also be able to sell and that’s why it is correct to use the ingredients of persuasive marketing to make it more effective:

– the clarity of the benefit: Decathlon graphically illustrates the benefits that are connected to the purchase;
– the sense of urgency by showing discounts and promotions and their period of validity;
– the reduction of anxiety with proper information of use, details of the product and further technical specifications.
– the social proof through comments, ratings and likes to convey the correct choice.

In a digital world, and not a virtual one, the more companies can produce trusthiness, the more traditional commerce experience can be used to improve awareness and performance.

Source: The Vortex

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