#thevortex: The Digital Stakeholder Forum – some notes from the Europen Commission event

by Andrea Boscaro founder of The Vortex
Last week in Brussels, an important event took place in the Charlemagne Building of the European Commission where lots of stakeholders gathered to discuss business as well as society aspects of the digital “revolution”: the same day, the Digital Economy and Society Index (“DESI”) was presented as an important picture of the dishomogeneous situations among the different member states.

Several panelists from the private sector followed in the debate in round tables as well as officials of the European Commission like Roberto Viola who spoke of the need for an achievable reform in the copyright protection framework: a very delicate issue where the conditions are ripe for a step forward in favour of rights owners and consumers. Vice President Andrus Ansip and Commissioner Gunther Oettinger held also their keynote speeches to promote common digital policies for the Union as a necessary step in the existing global competitive scenario.

Such an accent on a common and achievable approach is particularly necessary in front of the fragmentation of the market both from a national legal point of view and from a market point of view where digital platforms are increasingly divided into closed and competive silos. As a result, national fiscal conditions and business regulations will keep on being dealt with at a Union level so to make them more homogenous and create an efficient field for investments and developments by traditional companies and start-ups while social aspects like consumer data need also to be taken more and more into account particularly in front of foreign providers in the US and Asia.

A common approach to business and consumer protection is also necessary to increase trust in the environment and foster investments in the digital sector: such an area is known to be seriously disruptive for traditional busines models and employment conditions as well as to be a possible competitive leverage on the geopolitical level. That’s why Union-level digital policies are the only ones that can be effective to limit country differences and to improve economic and society development from a digital perspective and as a whole.

Source: The Vortex

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