The voice over Internet protocol: Cost savings to both residential and enterprise users

Over the past two decades, VoIP has revolutionised the way people communicate and has become a mainframe technology that is here to stay. Considerable cost savings that VoIP offers to both residential as well as enterprise users as compared to traditional PSTN telephony is the key market driver. VoIP adoption is rapidly growing in the enterprise space with companies realizing that efficiencies could be gained through the simplified management of a single voice & data network.

In 2013, Visiongain believes that VoIP is poised for growth, underpinned by the widespread adoption of integrated social media based VoIP solutions and the rise of market leaders in the VoIP space such as Skype. The deployment of LTE and 4G networks will transform the quality of VoIP services and propel VoIP into mainstream mobile telecommunication services creating a paradigm shift in subscriber behaviour.

As a consequence, Visiongain expects global VoIP revenues to reach $75.8bn in 2013.

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