The PC Isn’t Dead – The Technology World is Just Shifting

If you following technology stories you probably have seen many articles online about the demise of the PC. While this topic has been in and out of the news for the past several years, it appears to have gained more traction in recent weeks.
Of course, depending on which camp you are in – mobile devices or PC – you can either believe that the PC will be gone soon, or will still have a much longer than suggested lifespan. For me, I am and always have been a PC guy, but at the same time I also realize that things change, especially in the technology world.
Tablets have seen a tremendous rise since they were released a few years ago. It seems many of the top tech companies have produced a tablet, but both Apple and Samsung have clearly been the winners in that market. The popularity in the mobile devices market, and the slowdown in PC sales, has now called many to predict the downfall of the PC.
My answer is “not so fast.”… read more

Source: technicallyeasy.net

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