The Exprivia | Italtel group’s results at the Borsa Italiana Star Conference

The positive economic results of the integration process between Exprivia – a company listed on the STAR segment of Borsa Italiana [XPR.MI] – and Italtel were presented to investors and analysts by Exprivia chairman and chief executive officer, Domenico Favuzzi, and by Italtel CEO, Stefano Pileri, new member of the Exprivia Board of Directors, during the Star Conference organized by Borsa Italiana. 2018 was the first year with Italtel into the consolidation perimeter of the group, and the first balance sheet of the group has, from an accounting point of view, growing revenues and margins, but above all it registers consent from the market thanks to projects developed and offered in complete synergy by Exprivia and Italtel.

The results achieved in 2018 were showed to investors and analysts, with group revenues of over 623 million, higher than the 614 million pro-forma of the previous year, an EBITDA of about 42 million, almost doubled compared to 2017, and the Net Financial Position improving to -214.6 million. Among the production units, the Industry sector stands out with a 10% growth, followed by Healthcare and Public Sector. In line with forecasts, the activity in the Finance and Insurance sector and in the Telco & Media sector.

Among the successes generated by the synergy of Exprivia and Italtel, some projects and solutions implemented during 2018 have been illustrated. In particular, as part of Industry 4.0, the Indy SUITE solution to connect the systems with wired and wireless technologies and for the integration with management systems; in Healthcare, particularly important was the realization in Mexico of the largest network of clinical and diagnostic information on behalf of the public employees’ mutual organization. In the Public Sector, the strengthening of the system of prevention and management of environmental, chemical, biological, nuclear risks, for the Italian Fire Brigade. In the Telco sector, with Open Fiber the development of the ultra-broadband network for the white areas of the country.

The future vision of the group was underlined, recently presented, at the end of February, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one of the most important ICT world events.

The positive results achieved by the group in 2018 – affirms Domenico Favuzzi, president and CEO of Exprivia – confirm the validity of the guidelines of the strategic plan based on the integration of skills between Exprivia and Italtel, to which the industrial successes of the projects conceived and developed together by the two companies have contributed. In this framework of continuous progress towards the integration into a single group, the entry by co-optation of the Italtel CEO Stefano Pileri into the Board of Directors of Exprivia is another step. We believe essential his contribution to generate one of the largest player in the technology sector at national and international level”.

The first year of consolidation of Italtel within the group set up with Exprivia – Stefano Pileri underlined – satisfies us for the contribution made, both in terms of revenues and synergies developed in projects and solutions in Italy and abroad. We present ourselves as a single player, able to follow even the most complex projects throughout the entire life cycle, demonstrating the ability to achieve synergy and to go on the market with tools and skills suitable to anticipate technological innovation in the ICT sector and to satisfy the demand for digital transformation”.


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