Telefonica and Samsung set up a collaborative partnership for IoT

The scramble for IoT positioning continues (and will continue for the foreseeable future).  Last week Google set out its stall with Brillo, its IoT operating system (see – And now the Internet of Things operating system…)

This week Telefonica and Samsung are snuggling up with a “collaborative partnership to further research into new technologies and the development of use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Which companies – or partnerships – will end up playing ring-master to IoT?

It seems most likely that because IoT/M2M is eventually going to be huge and affect every type of business and IT subsector, that there will be competing and differentiated ecosystems, all serving different sets of verticals.

Say what you like about Google but it’s undeniably good at ecosystem building as it’s proved in the last decade, first with Android and then with Chrome OS. In both cases the Cookie Monster eschewed the ‘market till you drop’ approach in favour of the slow burn. Hard to remember now but for at least two years Android hung in the balance as only HTC appeared to be doing anything with it… patience won in the end.

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Source: TelecomTV

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