Telecom Italia and OECD: Internet, jobs & skills, an opportunity for growth

A joint Telecom Italia and OECD event on new jobs and new skills in the Digital Economy –

Rome Nov 18, 2014 – Auditorium  Raul Pieroni 

Like previous technological revolutions in economic history, information and communication technologies (ICTs) have triggered deep transformations in the labour market. By increasing labour productivity, ICTs permit to produce a given amount of goods and services with less employment, thus leading to the possibility of technological unemployment. At the same time, innovation permits to produce completely new goods and services, thus creating new markets and new jobs.

Further to the severe crisis that has hit the world economy, there is increasing concern that this process of creative destruction may have become unbalanced: the destruction of jobs due to automation and offshoring, which hit mostly middle-skill workers, seems to be occurring at a much faster pace than the creation of new jobs in new markets enabled by the ICTs, and in areas where direct personal services are essential.

Digital markets are developing rapidly and have been one of the few flourishing areas amid the recent economic crisis. Although some of these digital markets have displaced employment in more traditional ones, their growth potential appears very large, provided that emerging technological opportunities are translated into new businesses opportunities. A variety of factors, however, may be hindering business creation and preventing firms to fully exploit these business opportunities.

Some factors are related to limited access to risk capital, the cost of failure, the regulations for starting up a new business; others stem from the required re-organisation of work-place and working-time, the availability of skills and the capability for start-ups to grow; others are related to the existence of network externalities and barriers to trade; some others to the linkages between higher education, research and business.

The aim of this Workshop is to bring together different actors and institutions to address the employment and skills challenges raised by the Digital Economy.

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