Which tech brands rule Social Media?

Which tech brands rule social media? This is a recent question we came across at madebyoomph. Intrigued we thought we would have a look into it and do some research, we found a trend with YouTube being more popular on Facebook and Instagram, while twitter was more popular with Instagram.

We can tell overall, Facebook has the most users at 175.3m users, Instagram has 126.5 users and Twitter has 50.9m users, while YouTube having the 4th largest following at 50.9m users, it is the most followed social media website across all the Social media outlets. This shows the tendency of users and social trends of how they post on each site and what type of media they use. For instance we can tell from this information that YouTube videos are the most shared and followed across all social media outlets, while Instagram is in 2nd place. This also shows the change in how users like to interact with media and information, specifically information that’s easier to understand and read.

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Source: Visualistan

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