Sprint has stopped its data-throttling policy because of net neutrality

Sprint has stopped its data-throttling policy now that new Net neutrality rules are in place, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The carrier had been crimping data speeds for a certain percentage of users who consumed what was considered more than their fair share of data. But Sprint put the brakes on that policy last Friday, according to the Wall Street Journal, the same day the Federal Communications Commission’s updated Net neutrality regulationswent into effect.

On Wednesday, the FCC showed that it’s taking Net neutrality seriously. The agency fined AT&T up to $100 million after accusing the carrier of misleading customers by throttling data on its unlimited mobile plans. By “falsely labeling” these plans as unlimited, AT&T violated its 2010 Open Internet Transparency Rule, the FCC said. The action is the first time the FCC has charged a company for violating Net neutrality rules.

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Source: CNET

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