Speed is critical

Keeping up with the health of your site is crucial. Whether you are running a blog or a business, no visitor is going to hang around a slow site. SingleHop, a cloud computing company, has put together a few tips to keep your site snappy. The tips start with a simple test to diagnose any slow downs. From there the tips move the site owner to front-end tests to run. On the front end, it is imperative to focus on keeping up to date with the design and organization of the site. Keep a strong focus on usability and new updated languages like HTML 5 to keep users happy.

The back-end is just as, if not more, important to keeping a website spry. Simple steps such as stripping unnecessary characters will reduce file size without affecting the design of the site. The tips in the graphic suggest that the webmaster focuses on scalability. Every site hopes to grow and by investing in back-end solutions that can scale, like private cloud hosting, web ​ ​masters are supporting and preparing for their future site growth. Even a one second improvement, increases conversions 7%. By running the simple tests presented in this infographic, website owners are sure to get their sites up to speed!

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Source: SingleHop

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