Spain to raise ‘anti-piracy generation’

Spain will raise “an anti-piracy generation” as part of its pledge to tackle intellectual property infringement, the country’s minister for education, culture and Sport, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, said in his keynote speech at the 2017 INTA Annual Meeting.

The minister said that working towards a future free of IP infringement is “not only Spain’s obligation, but its conviction”.

“Talent has a price and it must be paid”, he said.

Globally, Méndez de Vigo said it is becoming harder to effectively protect IP rights, due to antiquated laws and regulations that need to be updated.

“We are faced with a new international scenario that demands the restructuring of roles,” he said.

Spain’s efforts have already been recognised, with the US Trade Representative (USTR) including the country as a trusted jurisdiction for copyright protection in its latest Special 301 report on international IP standards.

The USTR has also closed its out-of-cycle review of Spain as a notorious market. It initially instituted the review in 2013 to focus on the concrete steps that Spain could take to combat online piracy.

The USTR said in its report: “The USTR welcomes the significant and positive actions Spain has taken over the past four years.”

“The US urges Spain to continue its work in this area, for example, by ensuring adequate resources for the Intellectual Property Commission, implementing its new legal authorities, and supporting its effective operation.”

Source: IPProTheInternet


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