What a single Google map of popular Thanksgiving recipes reveals about the U.S.

Google data is all sorts of fascinating. The New York Times had Google’s science team pull data on all the most unique Thanksgiving recipes from each state. On its own, the map of recipes is fun to peruse.

Frog eye salad is apparently super popular in Colorado and Wyoming. Pretzel salad is all the rage in Delaware. Pumpkin whoopie pie sounds kinda delicious, and let’s thank Vermont and Maine for bringing it some much-needed attention.

But reading between the lines, the recipes confirm some fascinating facts about the United States.

Most importantly: Immigrants’ cuisine has melded with American food. In Arizona, where Latinos account for an estimated 64 percent of the foreign-born population, people are searching for turkey enchilada recipes. In Texas, there’s sopapilla cheese cake, and in Florida, the hot dish is flan de calabaza (made from a squash common in Mexican cuisine). It’s hard to get much more literal than that about the mixing of two cultures.

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Source: Venture Beat

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