Reed Hastings (Netflix): Europe needs a strong law to guarantee net neutrality

In the lead up to Wednesday’s announcement, activists and politicians have been making noise about the finer points of the Digital Single Market, including net neutrality and geo-blocking.

Pirate Party MEP Julia Reda cited the American video streaming company as an example of geo-blocking’s effects in an April blog post. The European Telecommunications Operators Association (ETNO) specified Netflix as an over-the-top television service in its recent report outlining suggestions for Digital Single Market plans.

Netflix has been a vocal supporter of net neutrality in the United States, where legislation was passed protecting the policy, but now faces legal challenges. “It hasn’t been a big problem yet in Europe for Netflix. But we do worry as the Internet grows that net neutrality isn’t a strong law here yet. We think it’s good for lawmakers to weigh in before there’s a problem with the principle that the Internet is a utility, like electricity,” Hastings told EurActiv. “Not everyone agrees with that. If you ask most telcos, they don’t want to be a utility,” he added.

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Source: Euractiv

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