Privacy and the Internet of Things

Backstages are back.  Before it has even fully emerged from its multitude of wombs, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been hard at work creating new worlds of privacy faster than pronouncements of privacy’s death can be posted.  The backstage, that place in which we used to create ourselves before we began living out loud and letting our every waking and sleeping moment be surveilled, not only won the Oscar for Best Picture; the President just created a comic secret sharer of his backstage related to his list that rhymes with bucket list.

How, exactly, will the IoT contribute to the rebirth of the backstage?   As networks of things grow and develop deeper and deeper network connections, they become swarms of elements that are  generally little and on their  way to becoming even smaller.   Eventually, it won’t be easy to go anywhere without walking into and through such swarms.

OK, to be fair, they will generally not be things designed to sting you and may not all even be things designed to spy on you; they will generally be designed to improve your life in ways of which you may generally approve.  Although there is this one mosquito drone whose audio and video recording is complemented by a syringe to extract your DNA.

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Source: Big Data Tech Law

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