Pressure on Commission ahead of decision on connected car technology?

Pressure is mounting on the European Commission ahead of a decision it is expected to announce this autumn that will affect how internet-connected cars are built in Europe.

Car companies, telecoms operators, tech manufacturers and European national governments are nervous about the action and argue it could leave a lasting mark on what kind of technology is built into new cars, which will be outfitted with an increasing amount of internet-based functions in the coming years.

At the heart of the disagreement is whether a technical policy decision within the Commission could lend support to a short-range, Wifi-based system that is already available for use—or to the cellular, longer-range technology known as C-V2X, which is seen as a precursor to 5G networks.

European governments have pledged to make the fast next-generation mobile technology ready for commercial use by 2025.

What has largely remained a niche policy squabble over technical standards in recent months seems to have reached a boiling point now, just before Brussels quiets down for summer recess.

Supporters of the cellular technology argue that a Commission announcement favouring the Wifi-based vehicle-to-vehicle option could be a barrier to the EU’s goals to introduce 5G within a few years.



Source: Euractiv.com

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