#theVortex: Personal branding is ‘key word’ for Google

by Andrea Boscaro, founder  The Vortex

“Personal branding” as a search term has been increasing its use on Google, throughout Europe, tenfold in the last ten years according to Google Trends as a consequence of the liquid labour market we increasingly work in and the necessary steps professionals need to take to protect their reputation online and to improve their awareness towards possible employers, clients and colleagues.
Despite legal improvements, although not easy to apply, like the “right to be forgotten”, the most effective way to manage what can be found in Google on individual account is still to personally take care of social profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook that often appear on top of search results: keeing information up to date and curate content so as to highlight personal skills is therefore a powerful way to communicate own characteristicts exactly as brands do and leverage on the personal awareness that stems from this behaviour.
That’s why individuals like lawyers, sales representatives and students seeking a job have the opportunity to look at social media not only as a personal communication tool, but as an environment where to stress their appeal towards the market.
This is true for LinkedIn whose professional dimension requires that pictures, descriptions and contents posted stay within the boundaries of business life, but also for Facebook whose personal profiles are in the same way at disposal to those seeking information on individual account in Google results: a recent statistics outline that 55% of employwers change their mind after checking social profiles of candidates.
Internet users are always in a permanent and public environment: the sooner they acknowlegde this, the better.
Facebook is going to launch its “at work” version, but also today, the possibility to create lists of contacts and target updates to selected lists gives the possibility to publish in parallel personal as well as professional news and content so as accept and then strengthen business relationships and use Facebook in the same way courtesy calls and informal meetings are used to bring them to a more continuous and “warmer” level.  
If professionals would consider how often business has been given to word-of-mouth, they would understand how far personal branding on social media might be useful and should be promoted among them as well among students that, in particular, should be more careful in posting pictures and considering such environments as purely personal.
Source: The Vortex



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