Pat Calhoun (VP Network Security McAfee): The 25th anniversary of the firewall

“This month marks the 25th anniversary of the firewall and, like a parent looking back on the life of his children, I wonder where the time went. The McAfee Infographicthat depicts the ‘lifetime’ of the firewall is open on my laptop and I’m a little nostalgic as I remember the events that were part of its evolution. Then, one milestone in particular catches my eye. The infographic illustrates that the discussion around the need for a so-called Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) began with Gartner as early as 2003.
I think back ten years and remember how often the term ‘next generation’ was thrown around in marketing circles. Back then, the industry was claiming that all an enterprise really needed to do to create a NGFW was to add an intrusion prevention system (IPS). But, being entrenched in the technology, most of us knew this wasn’t really the answer – especially the way threats were advancing”.

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source: Help Net Security

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