Paris-Sud University and Orange create an International Chair of Space and Telecommunications Law

Paris-Sud University and Orange announce the creation of the International Chair of Space and Telecommunications Law. This event marks the start of greater cooperation between the company and the university, with the aim of supporting teaching and research in legislative issues in the field of telecommunications. The chair will be attached to the specialist Master’s degree “Space Activities and Telecommunications Law” and the Institut du Droit de l’Espace et des Télécommunications (IDEST; Institute of Space and Telecommunications Law), which was founded 11 years ago at Paris-Sud University at the request of professionals in the fields.
On Friday 21 June 2013, the agreement formally establishing the International Chair of Space and Telecommunications Law was signed in the presence of the President of Paris-Sud University, Jacques Bittoun; the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary of Orange, Pierre Louette; the Dean of the Jean Monnet Faculty, Jérôme Fromageau; and Orange’s Legal Director, Nicolas Guérin.
Paris-Sud University and Orange firmly believe that developments in the digital world are opening up a whole range of opportunities and questions regarding legal security and regulatory decision-making in a sector that is changing the daily lives of millions of people worldwide.
With this new chair, the university—through the Paris-Sud University Foundation—and Orange are taking decisive action to help structure and strengthen teaching and research in the field of space and telecommunications law. The chair is the fruit of existing collaborations within the Institut du Droit de l’Espace et des Télécommunications at the university’s Collège d’Etudes Interdisciplinaires (College of Interdisciplinary Studies). Other partners from the space sector will also become involved over time.
The chair will fund study days, international conferences, scientific publications and PhD positions. The first PhD position will be awarded on a competitive basis and will focus on the development of the European electronic communications market. The chair will also support the specialist Master’s degree in “Space Activities and Telecommunications Law”, which has attracted students from 57 different countries since 2002, improving graduate integration in the labour market in every country where Orange operates.
“In an ultra-connected digital world, the creation of a legal and regulatory framework that is stable, flexible and effective will play a key role in terms of trust and development. It seems only natural to me that Orange should work with this chair to create a pool of expertise at a global level alongside our partners at Paris-Sud University,” said Pierre Louette, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary of Orange.
“This “Space Activities and Telecommunications Law” chair clearly illustrates that even if the Paris-Sud University’s reputation is largely centred on its scientific activities, the university is also engaged in cutting-edge research in Human and Social Sciences. The chair reflects the university’s founding principles: to build on high-quality research to develop training programs (in this case a Master’s degree) that are open to external partners, and in particular industrial companies,” said Jacques Bittoun, President of Paris-Sud University.

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