Overseas cyberattacks are increasing

The United States must ramp up its ability to defer and defeat cyberattacks, security experts and federal prosecutors agree, as foreign hackers target American networks with increasing scope and sophistication.

With security breaches being suffered by US-based corporations on a regular basis, panelists at a summit in Washington, DC this week sounded an alarm for firms to adopt aggressive yet defensive cyber policies – lest they want to risk becoming this year’s Target, Home Depot or, most unfortunately, Sony Pictures Entertainment.

At the International Conference on Cyber Engagement at Georgetown University, two of the federal government’s top attorneys urged private businesses to forge relationships with law enforcement in order to minimize in advance their response to a hypothetical – but increasingly possible – cyberattack.

John Carlin, the assistant attorney general for the US Department of Justice’s national security division, echoed a strategy for dealing with cyberattacks laid out in a report released by the Pentagon last week, which advocated for, among other objectives, making such assaults too costly to wage.

“A private company that has internet-connected computers cannot keep a dedicated nation state out of its systems,” Carlin said, so the government must do “everything we can to increase the costs for the bad guy so that they know there is going to be a consequence.”

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Source: RT

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