Orange, Deutsche Telekom and BT urged EU for lighter regulation

Less regulation will drive investment and balance out loopholes tipped in favour of Internet competitors like Skype or WhatsApp, which are offering services for free, the representatives from the big three telco firms argued at the annual conference of telecoms association ETNO.

The European Commission seemed to agree, saying its priority was to promote cash flow to build up broadband infrastructure run by big telco firms.

“Clearly there’s no appetite for the Commission to play a central role and dictate rules everywhere in Europe,” said Roberto Viola, deputy director of DG Connect, the Commission department regulating telecoms and the Digital Single Market.

“The focus for us will be investing,” he said. Viola acknowledged the broader trend towards decreasing regulation in other European industries. “There will be no other focus, no strange experiments about the governance of the system, whether the system is better managed centrally or locally.”

Building up networks

Sorting out network infrastructure is central ahead of growth in connected devices and the introduction of 5G mobile networks, Viola said.

“Europe cannot make the disaster it made with 4G,” he added. Some European countries are still struggling to bring out 4G access, lagging behind other member states by several years.

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Source: Euractiv

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