One million cyber attacks a day on German network

Nine out of ten companies in Germany are targeted by hacker attacks, driving loud calls for a “cyber-EU” that is also able to “deter” terrorists.

The threat our data security and our digital infrastructure is growing from year to year,” said Timotheus Höttges at the third Cyber Security Summit in Bonn. Höttges is Group CEO of Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, and is warning against massive cyber attacks on states and on private companies in Europe.

This year the telecommunications company registered close to one million hacker attacks daily, on its grids alone. Two years ago this number was only 300,000.

According to a Telekom study on cyber crimes, nine out of ten German companies are targeted in attacks from the Internet. In 2013, economic damags caused by these threats added up to $575 billion, Höttges said.

“Hackers work quietly and swiftly, and they are highly dangerous,” he warned.

As a result, former German Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg is calling for a new approach to cyber security policy from the European Union and stronger cooperation with big digital players.

“We must put a stop to the strange maze of responsibility and finally think outside the box,” Guttenberg contended.

The former defence minister resigned from office three years ago after a plagiarism scandal involving his doctoral dissertation and now works in the United States as a consultant – for ex-Digital Commissioner Neelie Kroes, among others.

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Source: Euractive

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