One day ahead of Davos: President Xi Jinping and the Global Governance

The World Economic Forum is preparing to host President Xi Jinping at its annual meeting in Davos on 1720 January, marking the first such appearance of a Chinese President.

What does Xi’s participation say about China’s ambition to lead on the world stage, amid growing tensions in US-China relations and increasing political instability across Europe?

Does Beijing intend to fill space being potentially vacated by Washington under Trump?

At the G20 Summit in September China played the role of defender of free and open global trade and put digitization at the top of the economic policy. Will China reaffirm these stances in Davos?

Join for a reflection on the leadership of Xi Jinping and the new role of China in shaping global governance. A cocktail reception will follow to celebrate together the new year of the rooster.

Source: ChinaEU




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