Ofcom updates consultation on 5G spectrum

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has published an update to its consultation on 5G, specifically the use of spectrum above 6 GHz to satisfy the anticipated bandwidth requirements that will prove too great for standard licensed spectrum.

Outlining the key questions addressed by the Call For Input (CFI), the document acknowledged the propagation challenges associated with higher frequencies but stressed there are technical solutions.

In this context the document subdivided these higher frequencies by noting that the propagation properties of all bands in the 10-100 GHz range have more or less equal characteristics. It was also noted that millimetre wave spectrum is good for backhaul.

As you might expect the document is pretty exhaustive and if you’re looking for a spot of holiday reading you can download it here. For those who lack the time/inclination/stamina the table below summarises the key blocks of spectrum identified by the CFI.

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