Nokia and SK Telecom have signed a new collaboration deal on 5G

Nokia Networks and South Korean carrier SK Telecom have signed a new collaboration deal around the development of 5G, which will see the companies work on the mobile broadband technology at SK’s Bundang facility near Seoul.

The companies’ existing 5G collaboration has already seen them jointly develop new “Cloud vRAN” virtualized base station technology. Now they’re going to work on “cmWave/mmWave” wideband communications, which they say will support “gigabit-class” data transmission in the airwaves north of 6.5GHz. Nokia has already said it will set up a 5G test network in its native Finland.

According to Nokia and SK, their 5G tech will be demonstrated in 2018 and ready for deployment a couple years later. Regulators such as the U.K.’s Ofcom are also pegging 2020 as the likely start date for 5G’s materialization.

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Source: Gigaom

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