A new era for LTE in Spain

Looking to the recently released 800Mhz band, which will soon be free from DTT channels, Telefónica has launched a pioneering LTE Advanced service in Barcelona and Madrid, enabling data transmission speeds over 1Gbps.
Before 5G lands in the country, and with 4G still looking for space in the radioelectric spectrum, Telefonica is already moving to 4.5G or LTE-A, which permits downloading speeds up to 300Mbps, double that of regular LTE.Dependent upon mobile devices, LTE-A includes the ability to add different bands to the same device, thus allowing these high transmission rates. In Telefónica’s case, LTE-A will start working on 1,800Mhz and 2,600Mhz, but will expand through the 800Mhz band from January, when the DTT networks have left the spectrum slot following the DTT reorganisation.

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Source: Rapid TVNews

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