MPAA accuses Polish VOD service

The MPAA has identified the popular Polish streaming service cda.pl as one that carries pirated content.

According to Presservis, quoting Puls Biznesu, cda.pl is one of over 30 services from around the world accused of piracy in a document published earlier this month.

Although the MPAA said that cda.pl uses the services of CloudFare, speaking to Presservis, Wolfgang Laskowski, a spokesman for cda.pl, said that it did so to principally protect itself from DDoS attacks and for the optimisation of streamed films.

This was necessary given the fact that the service is used by between 7-8 million people each month.

Presservis notes that cda.pl has reacted strongly both to the MPAA’s accusations and to what it sees as one-sided reporting by Puls Biznesu.



Source: BroadbandTvNews

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