Motive Security Labs malware report – H1 2015

The “Motive Security Labs H1 2015 Malware Report” examines general trends and statistics for malware infections in devices connected through mobile and fixed networks. The data in this report is aggregated across the networks where the Motive Security Guardian network-based malware detection solutions are deployed.

This solution is deployed in major mobile and fixed networks around the world, covering over 100 million devices. 2015 first half highlights Mobile

• The mobile infection rate declined to 0.50% in Q1 due to a reduction in infections on devices running the Android™ operating system (Android) and then rose to 0.75% at the end of Q2 due to a noticeable increase in adware infections on PCs running the Microsoft Windows® operating system (Windows/PCs).

• 80% of infections on the mobile network are attributable to Windows/PCs connected via dongles, mobile Wi-Fi® hotspots or tethered through phones.

Mobile spyware is definitely on the increase. Ten of the malware entries on the top 25 mobile infection list are mobile spyware. These are apps that are used to spy on the phone’s owner. They track the phone’s location, monitor ingoing and outgoing calls and text messages, monitor email and track the victim’s web browsing.

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Source: Alcatel Lucent

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