Mobile technology is revolutionizing the manufacturing environment

In 1876, in the midst of the industrial revolution, inventor Alexander Graham Bell succeeded in making the first telephone call. 97 years later, in 1973, the first mobile call was made. Since then, it is an understatement to say that mobile technology has grown by leaps and bounds. Mobile technology is leading another industrial revolution–one in which manufacturing processes and procedures can be greatly managed and executed from devices small enough to fit into a pocket.

Mike Roberts from LNS Research recently posted an interesting blog on 9 Ways Mobility is Impacting the Manufacturing Environment Today, which details nine ways that mobility is enabling manufacturing professionals to be more effective. The chart below, from Roberts’ blog, details the growing number of positions that are using mobile technology to do their jobs.

In addition, at the upcoming Oracle Value Chain Summit, there will be several sessions and demo pods dedicated to showing how Oracle mobile solutions are making an impact across the value chain: from product development, to the manufacturing shop floor, to the maintenance of equipment and assets, and much more.

How are mobile solutions changing the way you work or live? Let us know!

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Source: Oracle

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