Microsoft’s fifth global Cybercrime Satellite center opens in Singapore

Singapore is the location for Microsoft’s fifth global Cybercrime Satellite Center — and it’s no coincidence that this center is the company’s third to open in the region, following Tokyo and Beijing. (The two other sites are in Washington, DC and Berlin.)

These satellite centers are aimed at combating cybercrime that infringes upon Microsoft’s software, such as malware and the botnets that run on its operating system. These satellites report to the main Cybercrime Center located in Redmond, Wash., which employs mostly lawyers, data analysts and engineers, and forensic analysts.

Microsoft says it chose the high-tech island state because of its close proximity to other Southeast Asian countries such as India, as well as Oceanic countries such as Australia and New Zealand. It also helps that Singapore has an Interpol center dedicated to fighting cybercrime.

“One of the reasons we’re opening a center, particularly here is, obviously, Singapore is one of the major financial centers in the world,” said Microsoft’s assistant general counsel of its digital crimes unit, Richard Boscovich. “A lot of money comes through Singapore, it’s a relatively wealthy nation and criminals follow the money.”

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Source: CNET

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