Microsoft bets on data

Microsoft is a changing company. Of course, this is already clear with the shift to cloud and mobile that Nadella has ushered in over the past year or so, but in the background, the culture itself is changing and there’s a lot going on that isn’t visible to the consumer.

“Satya is a fantastic leader. He is part of the big culture change at Microsoft,” said Kushagra Vaid, a server and engineering manager in Microsoft’s cloud division. Speaking to Vaid, and indeed, hearing him present a keynote at the Data Centre Dynamics Converged event at CeBit 2015, was much akin to listening to young startup entrepreneur revving up their ideas in front of a buzzing audience. Vaid was enthused, happy, and excited, but it wasn’t new phones he was flogging, or a very media-savvy Windows 10, but it was the humble data centre that provides the background to Microsoft’s cloud that Vaid was talking about.

With the phenomenal rate of growth in cloud computing, the increasing number of cloud applications are demanding mega-scale infrastructures, and these infrastructures all have the same backbone, the data centre.

For companies the size of Microsoft, running data centres efficiently and at their lowest cost, and of course providing tip top scalability to millions of customers, obviously comes as a high priority, and Microsoft’s Kushagra Vaid told TechWeekEurope that the key to this is in the software-defined data centre.

“Our industry is going through major transition. We are all aware of the explosion of devices, with an average of three devices per person,” said Vaid.

“As a result of that, devices have taken on a life of their own. Devices have led to the application ecosystem. This is an economy of its own. We then get into the big data and Internet of Things space.”

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Source: Techweek Europe

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