Luigi Gambardella, Head of European Affairs at Open Fiber, joins the board of the FTTH Council Europe

The FTTH Council Europe announces the results of the annual election of its Board members and Working Committee Chairs and sets out an ambitious work programme with three priority areas to pave the way towards a full fibre future for Europe.
We are launching a new project on fibre for 5G to quantify cost saving opportunities from building converged fibre-5G networks.
This requires a paradigm shift breaking down the traditional silos of “fixed” and “mobile” networks and presents an enormous opportunity to invest more efficiently connecting everyone, everything everywhere.
Bringing together expertise from fibre operators, investors and technology innovators we will also deep dive into the new fibre investment models like for example wholesale-only and provide a platform for open discussion.
A key take-away from the panel discussions at the world’s largest fibre summit – the FTTH Conference – is that the fate of the legacy copper network is a key element in the fibre investment case. As copper is already being decommissioned in Spain and Sweden for example, we will focus on how to treat legacy copper so that Europe can speed up moving forward to a fibre future.
Europe needs to step up efforts to deliver world class, fibre-based connectivity to all. Europeans are increasingly becoming digital natives and demand not only very high speeds but also resilient, reliable and secure broadband that is future proofed for the next waves of service innovation.
Whilst fibre subscriptions have increased by 36% in Spain and by 34% in France1 just over one year and 94% of Swedes2, who do not yet have fibre available to them want fibre, overall only 33% of European homes can have access to fibre-based connectivity.
The final trialogue negotiations on the European Electronic Communications Code present a unique political momentum to lay down the regulatory foundations for investments in competitive fibre networks connecting every European citizen and business. It is vital that the new Code signals clear and consistent political commitment to full fibre, prioritises regulatory tools that enable and stimulate competitive investments, and ensures the right balance in new business model regulation, which results in new fibre investments and safeguards a long term competitive market structure and non-discrimination at the same time.


The elected Board members and the Committee Chairs of the FTTH Council Europe are united in working towards the mission of the association to to accelerate ubiquitous, fibre- based connectivity empowering a leading Digital Society throughout Europe.
Following the elections held at the General Assembly, the Board of Directors consists of the following nine members in 2018:
Ronan Kelly, ADTRAN, Ireland – President
Ismail Adibelli, Genexis, The Netherlands – Treasurer
Mike Knott, Corning Optical Communications, United Kingdom
Magnus Angermund, Hexatronic Group, Sweden
Florian Damas, Nokia, Belgium
Luigi Gambardella, Open Fiber, Italy
Antoni Bosch, Prysmian, Spain
Tobias Ahl, Rala, Sweden
Kees de Waard, Skylane Optics, Belgium


The working programmes of the Committees, our bespoke knowledge hubs, were also agreed. They are the place to shape our positions, exchange knowledge amongst fellow members and to raise members’ profile in the industry.
The Working Committee Chairs appointed at the General Assembly were:
Eric Joyce, ADTRAN, Chair of the Market Intelligence Committee
Florian Damas, Nokia, Chair of the Fibre Business Models Committee
Karin Ahl, Rala, Chair of the Policy & Regulation Experts Group
About the FTTH Council Europe The FTTH Council Europe is an industry organisation with a mission to accelerate ubiquitous fibre-based connectivity empowering a leading Digital Society throughout Europe. The FTTH Council Europe’s vision is that fibre connectivity will transform and enhance the way we live, do business and interact, connecting everyone and everything, everywhere.
Fibre-based infrastructure is the only future-proof foundation enabling fixed and wireless gigabit networks as well as all new innovative digital technologies and services and the prerequisite for Europe’s global digital competitiveness and sustainability.
The FTTH Council Europe consists of more than 150 member companies.



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