Kerry’s Asia agenda on cybersecurity

Secretary of State John Kerry will talk cybersecurity  in the heart of East Asia, a region that is increasingly hostile to U.S. interests in cyberspace.

The speech is part of a weekend swing through Beijing and Seoul, where Kerry will give his remarks. While maritime disputes in the South China Sea and trade discussions will likely dominate much of the agenda, cybersecurity will come up as well.

China and North Korea have become major cyber irritants in the region.

The U.S. regularly accuses Beijing of orchestrating a massive digital campaign to pilfer American intellectual property. The White House also blamed Pyongyang for ordering last year’s high-profile cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, which heavily damaged the company’s computer network.

Kerry’s visit comes on the heels of a cybersecurity pact between the U.S. and Japan, which seemed aimed at stemming the rising tide of China’s economic espionage.

“Japan in the end is going to be our greatest ally in this global cyber conflict,” said Tom Kellermann, chief cybersecurity officer at security firm Trend Micro.

The U.S. has also strengthened its military ties with South Korea, which has been peppered by a growing barrage of North Korean digital assaults targeting media outlets, financial firms and even a nuclear reactor.

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Source: The Hill

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