Keeping cybersecurity focused

by Thomas Boué is Director of Government Affairs for the EMEA region at BSA | The Software Alliance, an advocacy organisation for the global software industry.

There is an uneven landscape when it comes to cybersecurity readiness in Europe, writes Thomas Boué. To build a foundation for cyber protections, the European Union needs to start with the most critical infrastructure, he argues.

Improving Europe’s ability to defend against cyber threats is vital to the safety and security of European citizens and the economy. Stronger safeguards, faster and better detection, and more effective response and remediation – that’s the goal.  To build a foundation for cyber protections in Europe we need to start with Europe’s most critical infrastructure, ensuring from the outset that EU laws are helping to secure that which needs protecting the most.

Earlier this year, the European Commission took its first foray into the cybersecurity space by introducing a draft directive to ensure a high common level of network and information security across the union (the “NIS Directive”) with the intent to improve harmonisation of cybersecurity across the EU. That’s a worthwhile objective, as there is an uneven landscape when it comes to cybersecurity readiness in Europe. A report due out from BSA early next year will show the patchwork effect that exists across the 28 EU Member States.

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Source: Euractive

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