JMA Wireless, XRAN solution validated in SoftBank labs

JMA Wireless announces the successful completion of the first phase of validation test in SoftBank Corp. labs of its 100% virtualized XRAN solution

JMA announce that XRAN has successfully finished validation tests in SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”) radio system development labs.

The tests were primarily aimed to validate the XRAN software stability and demonstrate its performance under the challenging SoftBank test profile.

In addition, it was also an objective to obtain the knowledge needed to be considered in the virtual environment in 5G with SoftBank.

The COVID-19 outbreak, with consequent lockdowns and travel restrictions, has not blocked the testing activities, which have been conducted by SoftBank engineers with full remote support by JMA colleagues based in Italy and USA.

JMA Edge

This means that XRAN presents extreme ease in configuration and integration in an operator’s network.

The test results have been satisfactory, and we were able to verify good performance in SoftBank labs, as well as confirm JMA and SoftBank’s next actions.

Also, the knowledge necessary to consider the 5G virtualized RAN was confirmed through this test.

Naoyuki Sakai, Senior Network Director, Mobile Network Division, SoftBank, says “We greatly appreciate the support of JMA Wireless engineers in such a difficult situation. We have obtained some interesting results this time, so we are looking forward to evaluating the XRAN 5G solution.

I am very honored and thankful to SoftBank to have had the opportunity to test our XRAN solution, and I really appreciate the great collaboration established with SoftBank engineers that has allowed the test of our XRAN also in these hard times”, commented Remo Ricci, JMA Wireless President of JMA-TEKO Business Unit and Head of Int’l team, “Now we are ready to continue our journey – one that already started in Europe with XRAN deployment in Tier-1 mobile networks – with SoftBank, in order to show that XRAN not only is able to cope successfully with huge traffic loads as Japanese networks experience, but will also bring significant savings to our partners in terms of power consumption, flexibility and smooth integration”.

JMA is eager to continue the collaboration with SoftBank for XRAN 5G solution tests.

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