JMA Wireless and Kyocera partner to accelerate 5G deployment across Japan

Companies to Develop Industry-First O-RAN 5G Millimeter-Wave Backhaul System

JMA Wireless (JMA) and Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera) today announced an agreement to jointly develop a 5G millimeter-wave backhaul system. Leveraging Kyocera’s wireless base station technology and JMA’s XRAN—the only 100% software-based open-RAN (O-RAN) solution on the market—this first-of-its-kind system will accelerate 5G network deployment across Japan. Kyocera and JMA’s solution will provide a unique alternative to traditional RAN vendors that will be free from third-party dependencies and match carrier-grade performance.

The software-based system enables Mobile Operators to integrate 5G technology into older sites that would have been cost prohibitive to upgrade with 5G hardware. It will connect donor stations and relay node stations for quick and cost-effective 5G coverage expansion across Japan, including in areas that are difficult to connect. Notably, with JMA’s XRAN, the system will use an O-RAN interface, making it possible to connect to various 5G networks.

Through Kyocera’s hardware and expertise, the solution will help Operators save space, simplify installation, and reduce the power consumption required for the system. Using JMA’s revolutionary software solution, the system provides the agility and ease to upgrade its networks to 5G and beyond. The system is expected to be live within 2022.

“We are pleased to announce that Kyocera has reached an agreement with JMA to jointly develop a new telecommunications infrastructure system business,” said Norihiko Ina, Director and Managing Executive Officer, Solution Segment at Kyocera Corporation. “Kyocera intends to contribute to the development of 5G infrastructure systems providing our revolutionary 5G millimeter-wave backhaul system to Japanese Operators and various other carriers.”

JMA is looking forward to working with Kyocera to bring this revolutionary O-RAN-based 5G millimeter-wave backhaul system to Japanese Operators as well as other carriers in the future,” said Remo Ricci, Managing Director and Head of International Sales at JMA. “We are thrilled by the potential this precedent-setting solution will unlock for carriers.” 

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