Internet of Things goes in the kitchen

You may have read about furniture retailer IKEA‘s plans to introduce wireless smartphone charging in some of its furniture. Its Selje nightstand includes a Qi-compatible charger, for example. Charge your phone wirelessly while you slumber, and only for $60.

Well, that’s just the beginning of the future for the 315-store, 9,500-product company. IKEA‘s future kitchen ideas include networked devices, shelves that act as refrigerators, tabletops that cook, and instant food delivery by drone.

IKEA has been displaying some of its concepts at the 2015 Milan Design Week in Italy and has opened a temporary “pop-up” shop to display its future ideas for 2025.

IKEA collaborated on the project with IDEO, a major design and consulting firm, and design students from Lund University in Sweden and Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

First up, the kitchen table will sense the food being placed on its surface, and although it won’t automatically cook the food for you, it will tell you how to do it, including letting you know if you’re missing something.

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Source: Networkworld

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